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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - Goa
Yoga Nidra is also a powerful tool that allows us to go to the innermost core of our consciousness, where we can remove deep rooted, self-destructive belief systems and reactive patterns. This powerful tool has the power to initiate healing from within. It is much more effective than any medicine.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra
Whatever your life situation is, Yoga Nidra is the key to your transformation and healing. Anyone can practice Yoga Nidra as it is a very easy method of attaining peace.

The advantage of Yoga Nidra is that it is a simple practice which is available for everyone to practice. Beginners feel that lying down, staying still and relaxing is not difficult when guided in a systematic way. This technique is very helpful for yoga teachers, or for anyone who wishes to help others relax. I highly recommend this course to yoga teachers because it is a powerful tool to use it in asana and to relax your student. You can book our course of Yoga Nidra teacher training online too. It is located in Goa, India.

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