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perfect training partners for every fitness level. Whether taking your first steps towards a more active lifestyle or pursuing a PB you’ll find a Forerunner to help you achieve your fitness goal - in a way and at a pace that suits you. If you’re new to running Forerunner will motivate and coach you towards living a healthier lifestyle helping you to improve your fitness level or get into a better shape for summer. Should you then want to take your running more seriously you’ll find products in the range to help you construct and follow a detailed training programme to help you achieve your next sporting ambition. With decades at the cutting-edge of GPS innovation Garmin brings this engineering expertise to every Forerunner sportswatch. Add to this the same precision technology used by pilots and sailors in our aviation and marine products and you can be confident Forerunner will show you exactly how far how fast and where you run accurately logging every step of the workout and the rest intervals too. Whether you’ve got your eye on a sleeker summer body your first 5k or a professional ranking you’ll find Forerunners that can coach you through a dedicated training plan or simply help manage your pace while you train your sights on getting results. All watches across the range will accurately display and log every training mile and every milestone for reference during your run and for review afterwards. Serious training features like the popular Virtual Partner and new Virtual Racer will coach you to your ultimate performance by pitting you against your best or target time. Whatever your level free online training community Garmin Connect is the ideal place to get more mileage from your workouts. As you cool down load up your training data to record relive and replay your runs. Garmin Connect supports your own fitness goal - so to see where other runners go near you how many calories you have burned to view recent training stats compare a race performance to your club mates or see how close you are achieving your goal this is where serious runners get results.

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