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KCI Wireless

KCI Wireless

3007 S Dairy Ashford Rd,TX,
77082,United States

We are KCI Wireless, a Exclusive Master Agent who’s been in partnership with T-Mobile since 1993! We’ve been in the wireless industry for over 22 years as a wholesaler for T-Mobile. We support over 500 dealer partners in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. KCI is going through a huge massive expansion. Our current employee total is over 300. By 2018 we are expecting our total to be over 1,200 employees. We stick to the rules and don’t play around with how we represent our T-Mobile & MetroPCS Brand!

Our Corporate Headquarters is based in beautiful Houston, Texas. We have a true end-to-end cross functional support team in the following key support roles: Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Corporate Communications, Company Branding, Commissions, Administrative Assistant, Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Training and Development, Business Development, Loss Prevention/Asset Control, Account Management, Retail Front-line Sales positions, Retail Front-line Leadership positions and our KCI Senior Leadership Team.

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