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Root Canal

Root Canal

For many people even mentioning a root canal can cause them to wince.
This is because in the past root canals were widely considered to be
one of the most painful dental procedures that people had to go
through. Despite their painful reputation, however, they have always
been the ideal way to treat a severely infected tooth. When done
properly, they can remove the infection while making it so that the
tooth does not have to be extracted.
Over the past several decades, there have been a number of great
advancements in the types of medications and anesthetics that can be
used as well as the tools and techniques. These advancements have made
it possible for you to get a root canal in Clifton, NJ that is
completely painless. Dr. Doktorman has helped hundreds of patients
through this important procedure and most of them were pleasantly
surprised at just how comfortable they were throughout the experience.
Even the injection of the anesthetic is pain free thanks to the new
Vibraject delivery process.
Root canals are a lengthy procedure which can take an hour or more to
complete. This is because the dentist has to make sure they carefully
get into each root of the tooth to ensure all of the infection is
properly removed. If they miss even a small amount, the infection can
take hold again and the procedure may have to be repeated, or worse,
the tooth extracted. With this in mind, we will do everything we can
to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the experience.

This starts with using the best anesthetics available to make sure
your mouth is completely numb throughout the procedure. We even use a
topical anesthetic before giving you a shot with the main anesthetic
so you really shouldn’t feel a thing. If at any point you feel
uncomfortable or you experience pain, just let us know and we can add
more anesthetic to make it more pleasant. In some cases where the
patients are experiencing a lot of anxiety about the procedure, we may
be able to give you some premeditations such as Valium or Xanax to
help you calm down so you are not overly stressed.

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