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Haircut Near Me

Haircut Hair

160 E 55th St, first floor, New York,NY,
10022,United States


Mon - Fri 10am -7:30pm, Sat, Sun 10am - 6:30pm

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Relaxing Environment – Prestige Hair Salon NYC offers to our customers a comfortable and relaxing gateway. Here you can slow down and receive the pampering you deserve.

Quality Products – We only use industry leading products. From best quality shampoo and conditioner to sculpting gel and more, we have everything you need.

Our stylists can help you choose the perfect style to match your look. Then, you barber will show you how much product to use and how to style it yourself so you can look your best every day, even between the cuts.

Precision – Sharp, Slick, Clean Cut, Edgy Lines haircuts. When it comes to men’s haircuts it is often essential to ensure every detail is absolutely perfect. Our stylists are precise with every haircut they make.

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