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Cynosure Laser Hair Removal

Cynosure Removal

What can you expect from a laser hair removal treatment? Your medical aesthetician adjusts the laser for your skin type and the particular color, thickness, and location of your hair. For your safety and comfort, a cold gel is applied to the area beforehand.
Your treatment lasts 30 minutes or less, and you’ll receive ice packs, cold water, or anti-inflammatory cream to ease any discomfort afterward. For a day or two, you may feel and look as if you’ve been sunburned, but cool compresses and moisturizers can provide relief.Because laser hair removal is only effective on hair that is in the active growth phase, you will typically need several treatments spaced4-6 weeks apart to remove all hair from the treatment area completely.
Smooth skin can be yours again without all of the annoying shaving, plucking, or waxing. Call Marina Medispa in Edgewater, New Jersey, or book an online appointment today.

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