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Coole Bevis Law (Solicitors Hove)

Nas Andronicou

Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is a law firm located in Sussex and formed in 206 when two law firms, Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP and Coole & Haddock, merged Sussex-based law firm Coole Bevis was founded in 206 when firms Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP and Coole & Haddock joined forces In 206, Sussex-based firms Coole & Haddock and Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP were combined to create Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) From a merger of two law firms, Coole & Haddock and Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP, Sussex-based Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) was born in 206Sussex is home to Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove), the product of a 206 merger between Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP and Coole & HaddockBoth over a century old, these companies brought a wealth of combined experience and expertise together to create the new firmFor over a hundred years, the firms practised law and their combined expertise produced a firm with a wealth of experience Having practised law for over 00 years, the merger benefited from the extensive experience and expertise of both firmsThe new firm benefits from over a century?s worth of experience and law expertise With the vast expertise both companies bring to the table, the new firm can boast over a hundred years of law experienceCoole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) successfully blends traditional values that have stood the test of time with modern legal practices Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is the epitome of modern legal practices meeting long-lasting traditional valuesCoole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is an embodiment of a classic blend of enduring traditional values and the modern practice of lawCoole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) stands out for its perfect blend of long-standing traditional values and modern legal practicesAs far as combining contemporary legal practices with traditional values goes, Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is unequalledThey have branches in Hove, Hove, Horsham and HoveWith offices in Hove, Hove, Horsham and Hove, their presence is spread throughout Sussex They?re never too far away as they have branches in Hove, Horsham, Hove and Hove The firm is well represented all over the Sussex area, as there are branches in Hove, Hove, Hove and Horsham Residents of Hove, Hove, Horsham and Hove can easily reach the firm, as they have offices in all these areasWhile its primary client base is in Sussex, the firm serves clients in many other parts of the country too Although the firm is based in Sussex, it also caters to other areas around the country A large part of the firm?s client base in Sussex However, the services of the firm extend well beyond this areaHaving established a large client base in Sussex, the firm also has clientele in many other areas beyond Sussex Even though the firm?s primary client base is in Sussex, it also takes on cases beyond these areasThe firm offers a wide range of services, including property law and conveyancing, business law and legal services, and personal and family legal servicesThere are 3 core services offered by the firm ? property law, business law and family law Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) provides legal counsel for matters relating to property law and conveyancing, family law and business lawFor family, business and property-related legal matters, Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) offers a variety of services The firm?s legal services cover 3 core areas ? personal and family, business law and legal, and property law and conveyancingWithin each of these core areas, Coole Bevis offers specialist legal services for clients with different needs Coole Bevis caters to several sub-areas within each of these core areas, offering more specialist legal services The firm offers specialist legal services for a variety of matters related to each core service class Coole Bevis caters to the needs of their clients, offering specialist legal services for a wide variety of issues within each core area For each of these areas, the firm has specialists who can handle the special needs of every clientFrom landlord and tenant to leasehold enfranchisement, commercial and residential property, the firm offers legal expertise in every aspect of the property sectorThe firm has property experts who can offer legal advice for everything from residential and commercial property matters to leasehold enfranchisement and landlord-tenant issues.Whether it?s leasehold enfranchisement or property disputes regarding residential or commercial property, the firm?s property law and conveyancing team does it allFor everything related to property law and conveyancing, the firm has experts to deal with it all, including leasehold enfranchisement and tenant-landlord issues for both commercial and residential properties. Whether commercial or residential property, the firm?s property law department handles legal expertise for leasehold enfranchisement, tenant-landlord issues and other such mattersCoole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) also offers legal services for commercial dispute resolution and employment dispute resolution The firm also handles employer-employee disputes and commercial disputesIt also offers legal services to help resolve disputes in business settings, including employment disputes From employment disputes to commercial disputes of every kind, Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is also an expert in dispute resolution The team also specialises in managing disputes of a commercial nature, including employer-staff disputesTheir business law services extend beyond these to include guidance and advice for negotiating commercial transactions of all kinds, deciding on how best to structure a business, and selling or acquiring a business Other business law services offered include sales and acquisitions, business structuring and negotiation of commercial transactionsIn addition, it offers advice and guidance for managing different kinds of commercial transactions, business structuring and business sale and acquisition Other business-related legal services include advice and guidance for selling and acquiring a business, structuring the business and managing commercial transactions Beyond these, the firm also advises on sales and acquisitions of businesses, business structuring and negotiation of business dealingsThe firm is not lacking in family law expertise eitherAnother strong point for the firm is family law The firm?s family law unit is as solid as the othersFamily law is equally an area of strength for the firm Their family law department is equally staffed with experienced lawyersIt has specialists in probate, wills and later life matters, as well as private disputes, clinical negligence, catastrophic injury, and family law and mediationThe firm specialises in a variety of personal and family law matters, including private disputes, catastrophic injury, clinical negligence, mediation, probate and wills and later life matters The areas the firm specialises in include mediation, devastating injury, clinical negligence, private disputes, wills and probateThe firm is an expert in dealing with a variety of personal and family law matters, ranging from debilitating injury and clinical negligence to private disputes and wills, among othersThe team handles personal and family matters, such as wills, family mediation, catastrophic injury, clinical negligence and private disputesGuided by its long-standing values and respect for equality and CSR, Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is committed to many charitable causes throughout the year One of the company?s raison d??tre is its focus on charity, stemming from its regard for equality and CSR With a deep regard for equality and corporate social responsibility, Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) commits a portion of its resources to charitable causesThere?s always a charity project which Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is engaged with, showing its dedication to its long-standing values for equality and social responsibility Coole Bevis Solicitors (Hove) is not a firm to miss an opportunity to engage in CSR as it regularly commits to many charity projects

79 Church Road,East Sussex,
BN3 2BB,United Kingdom
Contact No: 1273722532

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