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Zegilo Custom Clothiers

zeg lio

74 Victoria St. Suite #114 M5C 2A5,Ontario,
M5C 2A5,Canada

Zeglio (pronounced: zeh-lyo) crafts hand-tailored garments, customized to fit your specific frame and taste.

Zeglio is a clothier that delivers fully customizable suits. And, of course, Zeglio can accommodate a panoply of taste and inclination from trim and modern to classic-cut, black tie and beyond.

Zeglio is the place to get the look you want and the feel you need.
Simply stop by any one of our storefronts. Our helpful staff will walk you through the process beginning with the fabric selection, style as well as assistance in matching accessories. We think you'll be impressed by the attention to detail that goes into every garment.

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