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Kriya yoga

Cheng King Heng

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Kriya yoga is an ancient meditation practice for Self-Realization found in India since time immemorial. Kriya yoga is a science and worship of Life force(Prana). Kriya yoga is the technique to balance the exhalation, and the inhalation; this is the technique of suspension of breath(pranayama). With kriya yoga practice our internal organs like mind will be pure, our concentration will increase, the intellect will be sharp and the discrimination capacity will develop. By practicing the kriya yoga techniques the practitioner reaches the “No thought (Turiya awastha)” state when the outer breath becomes slow or may even be suspended and one remains only with inner subtle life force. Achieving again and again such a “No thought” state one becomes specialized in it which results in Self-Realization (Savikalp Samadhi).

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