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Pure Luxury Tint and Detailing Service

Bernice Ussery

7050 W. Chandler Blvd.,Arizona,
85226,United States

Pure Luxury Tint and Detailing Services owner’s name is Bernice Ussery. Bernice has been in the industry since age 24. Customer service, reasonable pricing and flexibility in scheduling are some of the things she strives to be the best at. Bernice has done work for several Fortune 500 companies and many high profile individuals throughout 4 Southwestern States. She has also worked in the window film manufacturing industry for 6 years selling directly to large commercial buildings, retrofit projects and to window tinting professionals. Bernice has worked with architects, engineers, energy efficiency and local utility companies in the Southwest for large/small new and retrofit projects. In 2010, she sold one of the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) tint projects in the state of Nevada. Residential tinting may require approval from your HOA and commercial, from your property manager. Most window tints can provide a savings of between 15 and 40% on your electric bill. Less heat/cold penetrates the glass into your home or commercial building. Therefore, less maintenance needed on your heating/cooling equipment. For Commercial buildings, there are some benefits from the local utility companies available. Bernice still works closely with the window film manufacturers to assist in any ROI requirements needed. She is currently working with a large detailing manufacturer always learning about new processes and products. Continued education is a big part of business practices here at Pure Luxury to ensure success

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