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Supreme Garage Door Repair Santa Monica

Jeff Karen

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Garage door springs, also known as torsion springs, are the most common form of garage door repairs. Often the main spring for the garage will brake into two pieces and make a very loud 'bang' sound. At Supreme Garage Door Repair we recommend that only a professional perform this repair. The garage door spring holds a lot of pressure that can easily injure or severely harm the person who is trying to repair it. You should always have a trained professional come out and perform the job properly. We are certified in the state of California, carry the proper insurance and have professionally trained staff. If your garage door isn't working and you notice that your spring is broken like the one shown in the picture above, you are going to have to have it repaired before your garage door opener will be able to lift the garage door. No matter if for torsion springs or extension springs, call Supreme Garage Door Repair in Santa Monica at (310) 683-5259 for quality garage door spring repairs.

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