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Bloomington Wellness Center

Cory Emberland

5143 West 98th Street,MN,
55437,United States

Bloomington Wellness Center was voted #1 for 5 years straight. We safely & effectively care for people of all stages & ages, from the severely hurting to the healthy & wanting to be healthier. Babies & toddlers, to the elderly all can find help at BWC. Since 1999 we've had the privilege of caring for thousands of individuals with conditions such as: back & neck pain, asthma & allergies, sprains & strains, headaches & migraines, numbness & tingling, neck & low back disc problems, sinus problems & ear infections, auto injuries & whiplash, and postural & sports injuries - just to name a few! Our doctors have advanced training & extensive experience caring for children & pregnant women, including proficiency in the Webster technique used for breech pregnancies. We offer a complete natural healthcare solution including chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, medical thermography, and scoliosis bracing & management.

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