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Durango Mobile Windshield Repair

Fast Eddie

361 S. Camino Del Rio,CO,
81303,United States

We are Durango, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico's coolest, fastest and affordable mobile windshield replacement company. We service BOTH areas, PRONTO. We are not anchored to a shop, so we may already be near you.
So to answer your question, " Who does mobile windshield repair near me?" - WE are your answer! We do it all, We can do a windshield chip repair with original equipment auto glass. And yes we are the mobile auto glass guys that you see all around town doing windshield replacements in parking lots and driveways. We stock a large number of windshields to make us FAST and convenient to you. We know our way around here too, so we can find you FAST. We fix you fast and affordable.
You are probably wondering, “Do I need my windshield repaired or replaced?” The answer goes like this - Stars the size of a quarter or smaller can be REPAIRED. Cracks smaller than a dollar bill can often be repaired, but cracks the size of a dollar bill worry us, since they can compromise the strength of the windshield and may very well split or spread in 3 directions the very next time you hit a speed bump or pot hole. (just pointing it out) These repairs are usually covered by insurance and take less than 30 minutes to complete. If the damage to your windshield is greater than that size, it will likely need to be replaced.

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