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Michigan Institute Of OB/GYN

Michigan Institute Of OB/GYN

30445 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 140,MI,
48334,United States

The Michigan
Institute of OB/GYN is a state-of-the-art obstetrics and gynecology practice in
Farmington Hills. At the office, Dr. Berenholz and Dr. Prezzato address all
aspects of OB/GYN issues, from diagnosis to treatment. The doctors and their
staff are committed to creating a friendly, welcoming environment for their
patients by answering all questions, explaining procedures in detail, and
keeping a comforting bedside manner. At The
Michigan Institute of OB/GYN, a wide range of services are available to
patients. The doctors perform annual gynecologic exams, pregnancy care, and
infertility work-up and treatments. They can also help patients suffering from
abnormal urinary symptoms, pelvic pain, and heavy periods by performing pelvic
relaxation, hormone replacement therapy, and minimally invasive surgery options
such as da Vinci Robotic Surgery. Dr.
Berenholz has delivered thousands of healthy babies, but his true passion lies
in gynecologic surgery. He’s performed nearly 3,000 surgeries throughout his
career, but what really sets him apart is his willingness to introduce the
latest innovations in gynecologic surgery to his patients, such as laser
vaginal rejuvenation and laser labiaplasty.
Laser vaginal rejuvenation has been shown to enhance muscle tone,
strength and control, which can increase sexual gratification and decrease
urinary incontinence. He also performs vaginal relaxation procedures for women that
suffer from pain during intercourse due to a tight vaginal opening. Vaginal
cosmetic surgery and labia cosmetic surgery procedures, including labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, labia reduction
surgery, and vaginal tightening, help women achieve the exact look they
want. Dr. Berenholz designs a customized
plan for each and every patient and explains the procedure or procedures in
detail. His mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and
alternatives so they can make an informed decision about their bodies. For more
information or to schedule a consultation, please call the office at (248)

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