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Encinitas's Expert Tree Arborists

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Encinitas Tree Care: Local Tree Service Company in Encinitas, California
If you are in need to tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree surgery, let Encinitas Tree Care serve you. We offer our fast and affordable tree care services throughout Encinitas, CA. Our certified arborists are capable of handling any tree care service you may need. We work with all species of trees, including palm trees. At Encinitas Tree Care, we provide our professional tree services for any residential or commercial property, namely golf courses, municipalities, apartment complexes, and homes affiliated with the homeowner association. If you have trees that are growing on power lines or a tree that’s fallen and left an ugly tree stump in its place, let our tree cutting and removal services assist you in properly maintaining your property.
Don’t wait to hire our elite tree services; tree care is important and time is of the essence! Our tree doctors ensure your trees are healthy by applying expert tree care techniques. Let our arborists set up a tree care program that will see to all of the regular tree maintenance and attention your property needs. Living in Southern California, we all have to deal with the water regulations and must be careful how we allocate our water. This has led to the design of a drought-tolerant landscaping that will reduce the amount of water used to water your gardens. Continue reading for more details!
Our affordable tree services are designed to provide tree care throughout Encinitas, California and make this drought-stricken state beautiful with greenery and life. We make every effort to stay on top of the latest methods and techniques to mitigate the extremities caused by drought. It is our promise at Encinitas Tree Care to continue to keep up our eco-friendly focus up for as long as we are in business. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to have a pleasant and stunning garden and/or lawn. Attract your guests with the help of our quality tree service.
All of our arborists at Encinitas Tree Care have been tested and certified to adequately and professionally provide tree care throughout Encinitas. We always stay up-to-date with ISA’s (International Society of Arboriculture) certification standards and keep our arborists notified of changes and updates to their policies and procedures. Not only that but our certified arborists are also required to be TRAQ-qualified (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) to ensure safety on the job. Furthermore, to make sure we are always caught up with ISA’s standards, we provide our arborists frequent CEU (continued education unit) opportunities so they can always be ready to pass recertification tests.
To deal with the drought and the water regulations of California, Encinitas Tree Care has purposed its arborists’ training to include drought tolerant landscaping. Our certified arborists are skilled in both designing and installing drought-tolerant landscapes and water-efficient drip irrigation systems. With the majority of our daily water supply being used in our gardens. We understand that it is not watering the plants, but rather how we watered the plants that control water usage. The drip irrigation system was designed to eliminate wasted water by dispensing the water right to the roots from underground for maximum efficiency.
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