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Boise's Carpet Cleaners

Cody Just

1553 N Milwaukee St. Suite 283,ID,
83704,United States

We're the Professional Carpet Cleaners in Boise, ID
We are the owners of this company and we also will be the ones servicing your carpets. That alone sets us apart from the rest. Reliable and responsible service. We make sure we have a hand in all the work we do. It’s nice to feel like you have a pro doing the work. Don’t just let anyone in your home let us take care of your carpets, Upholstery, Wood Floors, Tile Grout and much more. We are your one stop carpet and flooring cleaner’s.
Affordable Carpet Cleaners in Boise
Are you looking for the cheapest yet best carpet cleaners in your area? A lot of companies will quote you over the phone then add charges once they come to your home. Leaving you feeling stuck with them. We always make sure to do an appraisal first. This way there is no suprises and unhappy parties on either end. We will know what we are getting into and you will know the price upfront with no extra fees.
Tile and Grout Cleaning.
We have a professional tile guy on our crew. Meaning he also lays tile. So you can imagine he is great at cleaning it, and he knows what to do to make your tile and grout look amazing again. Tile and Grout can be stubborn and some people try not to deal with it. We on the other hand welcome a challenge.
Upholstery Cleaning In Boise Idaho.
Package deals are great. We have great deals for you. Carpet cleaning and Upholstery cleaning go hand in hand. Let us take care of your upholstery while we are there taking care of your carpets. We will not let you down.
Wood Floors
Floors like wood can easily become scuffed with foot traffic. We here at Boise's carpet cleaners know what it takes to make those wood floors shine again. your average Joe carpet cleaning company does not and will not take care of wood floors or tile like we do. It takes special equipment and special people to be able to take care of unique and different types of flooring. It helps that we have people that work for us that have a construction background that I understand what it's like to install tile and wood floors not to mention that they've also installed carpet as well. While we still install tile floors we don't install carpet or Wood anymore we know what it takes to clean them and clean them well so make sure and call the pros at Boise's carpet cleaners will take care of all your floor cleaning.
Boise’s Carpet Cleaners
Just remember if you want your floor to upgrade if you have spots stains or anything that you don't think it's possible to get out make sure and consult us first. there's a great chance that we can make your carpet look new again. No Mess too big no spills to great we here at Boise’s carpet cleaner’s want to make sure that you know you're in good hands.

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