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Goldmore Industry Co.,LTD

Ixchel chun

33411 Arroyo Dr,California,
92617,United States

Goldmore, established since 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different kinds of LED outdoor lights including camping lantern, flashlight, book light, night light, headlamp, bike light, work light and so much more.At Goldmore we provide best service to customers with professional sales team, who are allowed 100% on-line inspection to ensure products are of good quality. Our innovative product designers and experienced tooling engineers are available to ensure fast sample preparation.Besides, we have logistics partners to ensure safe and competitive price on shipping.Goldmore records an average sales turnover of about 5 million dollars per year. Of this amount, our sales distribution, in percentages, according to regions, are as follows: 35% for Europe, 25% for North America, 30% for South American and 10% for Asia and other locations.

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