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Jason Jordan

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Junk Removal Chula Vista
We proudly provide economy junk removal and hauling services for Chula Vista and the surrounding San Diego areas. We service both residential as well as commercial properties. You can easily and quickly arrange a curbside pickup or schedule a full service pickup where we will send a trained professional associate out to your location and remove and properly dispose of excess trash, old appliances, furniture, monitors or whatever else you may have laying around your business or home.
Many of our customers have told us that they choose us because of your 5-star customer service, value based pricing and experience in the industry. 90% of our business comes from customer referrals and 55% of it is repeat business. We service all main areas of San Diego ranging all the way north in Oceanside all the way down south to Chula Vista and east county.
The majority of the population does not have a vehicle serviceable for this type of job. Most full sized refrigerators do not fit in the back of your wife’s Camry. We have trucks, flatbeds and the equipment on hand and ready to be utilized for any sized job. Anything from backyard spa removals to electronic components, we’ve got you covered. Leave it to the pros to remove the overweight oddly shaped appliance. Don’t risk injury trying to impress your wife carrying the fridge down 2 flights of stairs, it’s not worth a trip to the doctor or chiropractor.
Price and value, the other cornerstones of good business. We provide competitive pricing for different sized jobs. All you have to do is fill out the instant quote form and one of our associates will pleasantly be in contact with you to provide you with a competitive quote as well as couple of options around scheduling. No hidden charges ever. All of our client provided pricing includes disposal and labor fees. We have been making our Chula Vista and surrounding San Diego customers happy for years. Isn’t time you gave us a chance?
Call us today: 619-737-2001
Some of our services are outlined below, feel free to reach out to use with any questions or inquires you may have:
Mattress or Furniture Disposal – we offer furniture removal and hauling in the immediate San Diego area. Such as but not limited to: various types of bedroom sets, mirrors and dressers, desks, couches and mattresses. There isn’t a type of furniture we haven’t removed or disposed of.
Old Appliances – These would include the trusty old washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers. Leave it us to comply to all regulations around disposing of hazardous materials. Many of our clients upgrade to more energy efficient appliances and use our service for removal and disposal. Give us a call today.
Residential Construction Clean up – jobs of this nature are typically spawned from home and room remodels, demolition or scrape removal. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll pick up and remove anything and everything related to building materials, scrapes and waste.
Vacancy Clean Up – Mostly for individuals that are vacating their premises for a move or eviction including landlords or tenants. If you are moving out of state and don’t want to bring all the extra stuff with you or you are simply downsizing this is would be a convenient start to your new home.
Yard Clean Up – putting down some new sod? Redoing your garden? Mother nature have an accident and make a mess? You can depend on us to remove and haul away shrub and tree related waste, rotted wood and fences, dirt rocks and soil or if you are looking to finally get rid of that rusted shed.
Office Clean Up – Is your office upgrading to new equipment or furniture? Maybe some new bigger dual monitors? We can take and remove old office equipment and either donate it to local charities or have it properly disposed of. We’ll take everything from conference tables to microwaves.
Household clutter and dehoarding – listen………no one likes to admit they’re a hoarder but when you can no longer walk through your hallway without stepping over piles of cloths or old magazines it’s time to give us a call to help simply your life. Face it, stuff accumulates and piles up. Let us liberate you with removing the stress and unwanted waste from your home and life.
TV and/or electronic waste removal – We’ll properly haul away old televisions and electrical components to the right facilities so you don’t have to. Once you’ve upgraded to that 65” OLED, you know who to call.
Call us today: 619-737-2001.

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