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Shepherd Filters

Jeremy Kronk

20 Evergreen drive,QLD,

Shepherd filters are easily installed over your existing baffle or honeycomb filters. Our disposable kitchen grease filters simply are installed upstream / in front of a restaurant metal grease filters and capture up to 98% of the grease particles before they enter the kitchen hood system!
The Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% of the grease particles compared to regular metal baffle filters only capturing about 18-20% of these same grease particles. The best thing is store employees can
replace the disposable grease filters when needed and dispose of the old filters in you regular rubbish. They are made from wool, which makes them not only fire retardant but also completely biodegradable.
This dramatic reduction of grease entering the exhaust hood system brings an immediate savings in reduced labor costs of on-going baffle filter washing, reduces the number of grease hood cleanings that are needed, a reduction in roof damage and provides energy savings from cleaner rooftop equipment.
The overall result of the Shepherd Filters disposable oil and grease filters is less hassle and money savings for a commercial cooking operation. With the reduction of filter washing, exhaust hood cleanings and the energy savings, the disposable grease filters help restaurants reduce their carbon footprint doing their part for a cleaner environment.

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