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Brett Endes

3807 Alomar Dr.,CA,
91423,United States

Los Angeles dog trainer Brett Endes, The Dog Savant, is a dog psychologist who specializes in

solving canine problem behaviors. He also provides puppy training and obedience training for dogs

utilizing his innovative training approaches. Brett is a K9 aggression and anxiety expert with 23 years

of experience helping owners connect with their pets to bring out their dog’s potential!

Brett can help your dog regardless of age, breed, or previous training history. He is also a rescue

dog specialist and works directly with several Los Angeles animal rescues, providing dog

rehabilitation. Brett graduated with honors from The State University of New York and utilizes his

background in human psychology to address a dog’s problems at its root causality via his unique

sensory processing and mindfulness training techniques. His research-oriented, time-tested

approach helps correct problems such as dog aggression, leash pulling, barking, phobias, separation

anxiety, potty training, and hyperactivity, just to name a few.

Over the years, Brett Endes has helped thousands of dogs resolve their most severe behavior

problems and is a regular contributor to the most popular dog training websites and publications. He

is a life-learner and is truly dedicated to both the dogs he works with and their owners whom he


Brett specializes in retrain cases and does not use treats or excessive force during any part of his

training process. If you have previously hired a trainer and have been dissatisfied with the results of

your training sessions, The Dog Savant is the solution you’ve been searching for. Brett prides himself

in taking on the most difficult cases other Los Angeles dog trainers may shy away from after initial


Brett offers private one-on- one dog training, group classes, board and train programs, and workshops

throughout Los Angeles and The San Fernando Valley. Included in his training packages are pack

walks and group socialization classes designed to further support the training framework developed

during lessons. Brett thoroughly enjoys developing long-lasting bonds with his clients and group

settings are perfect for meeting other dog owners while continuing to sharpen skills and reinforce

training principles. Your support does not simply end when your training package does and Brett’s

client first approach sets him apart from other Los Angeles area dog trainers.

If you’re looking for one of the top dog trainers Los Angeles has to offer, call Brett directly at 310-227-

1424, or check out his website at for more information including rates,

programs, and testimonials. Noticeable improvements in your dog’s behavior are likely only a

session or two away.

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