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Troeman Grace


We are a group of fitness enthusiasts who loves to bring the fun outdoors and would like to have our loved ones to workout with us! This way, not only will we be keeping fit, but we’ll be able to spend more time together and always have their supports too! In Love Fitness, no one is alone when it comes to exercising and keeping fit. We have our trainers to support you, motivate you and help you to take little steps along the way during personal trainings and we have people from all walks of life to find motivation and encouragement on our on-going classes who are working towards one common goal, which is to achieve the dream body they want! In Love Fitness, we promise to bring you the fun and improve your overall fitness conditions during our training sessions and you wont even feel like you’re taking the extra efforts just to get yourself moving! We would like to spread the love of fitness among everyone, whether you are young or old, new to fitness or a fitness fanatic!

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