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Luca Franco

Via Monte Rosa 1,Friuli Venezia Giulia,
33010,Italy The company was created with the aim of providing its customers with quality products for indoor growing. Everything stems from the commitment of two old friends who meet after several years of absence, due to the different mutual commitments, and with the same enthusiasm they had as teenagers combine their expertise and their synergy is born this e-commerce continues to grow. The passion for indoor cultivation comes from the desire to produce genuine products even within classic apartments. This cultivation technique is becoming increasingly popular thanks to technical developments both in the electronic field, with more efficient LEDs, both in the energy field, with more and more sustainable energy development thanks to renewable energies. Our LED technology products are chosen with care through market research to offer more customers the best solutions for their crops. The passion that distinguishes us every day in search of the best value for money of innovative products drives us to constant professional growth. In a constantly evolving market we must work daily to keep pace with technical developments. will continue its commitment to monitor closely all future developments and any possible new possible applications, some of the potential of this new type of lamps.

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