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Lavenders Contracting Ltd

John Lavender

4703 92 Ave,Alberta,
T6B 2J4,Canada

Contact Lavenders Contracting Ltd in Edmonton any time you have a broken water line or sewer problem. Offering free estimates, and 24/7 emergency service for your every need, Lavenders also provides customers with a 10 year warranty. Sewer lines should be checked every few years - especially in an older home. Lavenders Contracting can camera the line and show exactly what's needed. Depending on what is found, we can roto-root to clear clogs or tree branches. If necessary, we will replace the sewer line with as little disruption to your property as possible. In most cases, coring the line allows us to replace your line without trenching your lawn. When done, you will have a new cleanout, new sewer and/or water line, and peace of mind so that you can go back to not worrying about the pipes .

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