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Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack

Crazy Alan

310 Texas Ave,TX,
77565,United States

Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack is home to the best seafood dishes in Houston and Kemah. A lot of locals and tourists across Texas stop by our restaurants whenever they visit these cities to experience our unique cooking. We offer a huge selection of your favorite lunch and snacks from crawfish or shrimp etouffee to blackened chicken pontchartrain. Apart from year round crawfish dishes, we also serve Cajun seafood, crocodile eggs, and many other local delicacies. While enjoying your meal, allow us to entertain you with live music performances from local bands and singers.
Our store in in Houston is located at 12008 East Fwy.Houston, TX 77029 and the one in Kemah is at Texas Ave.Kemah, TX 77565. Make the most of your time in Texas by paying a visit to any of our restaurants and relishing in our wonderful treats

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