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Mediators Helping Hand - Mechsoft Deal Manager!
Deal Management

Deal: Buyer agreeing to purchase, consume, Own, the product or services corresponding to his needs and the Seller agreeing to Sell, serve or transfer the ownership of the product or services corresponding to his offerings can be collectively thought of as “Deal “This vague term can be extended beyond the horizons and can be easily applicable to most of the product or services we come across in our day to day life. The deal can refer to a “Land Deal “or it may be a “Car Deal “. The concept of deal has a probable buyer and Seller.

The deal needs to be commercially and technically feasible and at times the buyer and seller don’t have adequate information or knowledge pertaining to particular clause of the deal they are getting in. The world wide and concrete practice is to have an intermediate that is knowledgeable and is well versed with both the parties i.e. Buyer and Seller. He acts as the facilitator to make Buyer and Seller meet and agree at common deal parameters offering to have a WIN WIN preposition. The Facilitator (Agent) thus deserves the operational right to charge commission for his consultancy. He acts as a bridge between the two parties giving them the much needed confidence and the virtual guarantee to execute the deal.

The Agent makes the platform for two parties to share their needs and corresponding offerings. He takes initiation for making the availability of the documentation, putting the statutory compliances in place, working the best fit commercials, authenticity of information on behalf of the buyer and seller. The Facilitator does the matchmaking process for Buyer and Seller saving their precious time and making them available the right product and services at lucrative price and on time when they needed it the most. The Nature of Deal determines the amount of complexity involved in the deal. Also the authorities involved, Deal Vertical and the time to close the deal vary as per the geography and type of deal. The commercial size of the deal makes its vital for Buyer to authenticate the offerings of deal from the known source like a mediator thus minimizing the risk involved and spreading the dependency on the Seller and the Mediator. Similar scenario is true for the Seller to ensure the right valuation, and minimizing the risk to make the deal profitable

Key Challenges in the Industry:
A) Unorganized Industry B) High Geographical Spread C) Low Ratio of Literacy D) Lack of Awareness about Technology

Buyers Concerns
a) Should get the Best Product or Services at best Price and Best Quality b) The deal should be profitable c) Hassle Free transaction in terms of paper work and legality d) Risk Involved should be less e) Credit Required

Sellers Concerns
a) Should get into a profitable deal b) Hassle Free transaction in terms of paper work and legality c) Risk Involved should be less d) Payment Recovery should be Quick

Mediator manages the headache beautifully giving peace to Buyers and Sellers keeping a keen eye on Margins. Mechsoft Deal Management is a tool which is cost effective, highly effective in managing the deal scenarios and keeping the Mediator in Shape. It acts as his lifeline to monitor deal progress, status and tracking the incomings and outgoing as well. He can get the tedious documentation through a click of mouse and make his employee run to the authorities concerned to get the work done. Managing all his financial information gives him a clear picture of his business.

Facilitator has organized way of functioning with Mechsoft Deal Manager giving the business a professional look. Use of technology is progressing day by day and many agents have shown inclination to adopt this solution and be ahead in the completion. The ones who have adopted the early change by migrating to Mechsoft Deal Manager in deal managing have reaped the benefits with repeat business and making their venture a money getter. Today Mechsoft Deal Manager is a helping hand for Agents, marching ahead in no mean time it will be the only hand to serve Industry clients.

Author Bio
Sandip Sharma is an Asian author. He writes articles about various topics of Deal Management, fleet management system, human resource management system and online payroll services.
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