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Choosing an anniversary cake
Choosing an Anniversary Cake – Style

If you’re throwing a party to celebrate a wedding anniversary, one of the main things that you’ll need is a cake. You can choose from a wide range of styles, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas to help you.

Anniversary Cakes Based on Wedding Cakes

You could choose to have a replica of your wedding cake made, or buy a cake which uses similar colours or toppings to your wedding cake but is in a slightly different style. This will help to evoke memories of your wedding day and is a popular style of anniversary cake. If you are buying the cake for someone else and want to keep the design a surprise, try to borrow some photos of their wedding reception, as you can take these to your cake designer in order to try to recreate their wedding cake. If you want to link your cake to the wedding without basing it on the wedding cake, you could decorate it to reflect the flowers used in the bridal bouquet or the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses, if these were different.

Cakes for Special Anniversaries
Traditionally, different wedding anniversaries are associated with different gemstones and these are often reflected in the designs of anniversary cakes. For example, a 25th anniversary is also known as a silver wedding anniversary, a 40th anniversary is known as a ruby wedding anniversary and a 50th wedding anniversary is known as a golden wedding anniversary. Therefore, you could decorate your cake in the appropriate colour.

Alternatively, you could decorate your cake with the flower associated with the relevant anniversary. For example, for a 25th anniversary, decorate your cake with irises; for a 40th anniversary, use gladioli or nasturtiums; and for a 50th anniversary, use yellow roses or violets.

Number Cakes

A simple but stylish option is to buy a cake made in the shape of the number of years that you (or your friends or family members) have been married. You can have your cake iced and decorated in whatever colour and style you like to make it unique.

Photo Cakes

For something both contemporary and highly personalised, you could have a photo cake featuring one of your wedding photos or another photo that’s important to you. All you need to do is take a copy of the photo to your cake designer, and he or she will be able to scan it onto edible paper so that it can be used on the cake.

Romantic Cakes

For a touch of romance, you could buy a heart-shaped cake, or decorate your cake with hearts and other romantic symbols. You could also ask your cake designer to ice or spray a message onto the cake. This could be anything from a simple “Happy Anniversary” to a romantic quote that means something to you.

Fun Cakes

For a fun alternative, you could buy a cake that features an edible champagne bottle or present, or buy a cake decorated to reflect a hobby that you and your spouse share.

Whatever style of cake you choose, make sure that you order it well in advance so that you can make sure that it will be ready for your party.
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