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SEO tips for High Impact Online PR for Entrepreneurs
In my previous posts, I focused on the importance of using software tools to automate article and blog submissions to directories and social bookmarking sites. With all the help in using software to speed up the process, there is one very basic rule to observe with regards to creating article content or web page content.

* The anchor texts should vary even though the backlinks remain constant.

We will explore this further, meantime, let’s talk about the basic rule.

Basic Rule : Look and act natural to Google

The rule is simple – your backlink building must look NATURAL to the search engines. You see, Google and other search engines will never fight against the sites that are growing their backlinks naturally, otherwise they would kill their own search engine business!

That is why if your backlink building looks natural to Google, you will never have any problems.

Your backlinks must be backed by something really valuable for search engines. It is very easy to understand this factor if you get into the shoes of Google. Today there are hundreds of links directory scripts that in a minute can create thousands of junk like pages, and these pages can give you thousands or millions of backlinks.

Global companies and online affiliates using the internet to launch massive PR and marketing campaigns should keep this in mind. If you get a backlink from a large content page, the value of this page (and this backlink) increases instantly for Google. You created new information, this information is found by a person who used Google to surf the net. You have “bribed” Google with the most valuable gift – new information.

Backlinks from this type of pages are real gold. But when a new site that is just building its SEO reputation starts getting dozens or even hundreds of backlinks in a matter of short period of time – this looks suspicious, very suspicious to Google.

Anchor text (clickable text in hyperlink) is one of the critical factors in getting good positions in search engines. This is because search engines treat anchor text as a helpful information which explains what the backlink page is about.

Today many people know about this huge importance of anchor text and put the keywords (for which they are fighting for) into the anchor text of their backlinks. BUT, this is where many people do a nasty mistake. People use the same anchor text in all backlinks that they build. Does it look strange to Google that all backlinks to Site X have one and the same anchor text? It looks very strange! It is impossible that all sites give you backlink using one and the same word – at least few would simply write ‘click here’ or ‘more info’ in the anchor text. The anchor texts should vary even though the backlinks remain constant.

One other important thing - the page to which you are building backlinks must have the keyword you are fighting for. For example, you want to get FIRST page for ‘best Italian shoes’ and you are building backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’. So, you must also make sure that the page - which you want to see on Page ONE for ‘best Italian shoes’ – has this keyword in meta title, meta description and somewhere in the text of the page. This is all about having adequate and natural looks.

Imagine how it can look for Google: 500 backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’ pointing to the page which does not even mention this keyword. This is awkward and strange. Simple insertion of necessary keyword in meta title, meta description and text of the page instantly corrects the situation and the whole scheme starts looking natural and logical.

MAKE SURE... that you are using a site building engine (also known as - content manager) which allows to change meta title, description and text for every single page. Most of the engines today have this option, because it has become a standard in the 21s t century.

We use and personally recommend using WordPress blog engine and we build most of our niche sites on this engine. It gives you maximum SEO freedom. Moreover, it looks like Google is giving some sort of “special treat” to the sites built on WordPress software. SEO in general. Biggest mistake of the majority of link builders – wrong keyword choice.

Don’t forget that fighting for FIRST page in search engines is similar to offline business. If you are trying to get into the very competitive niche in the offline business, your chances for success are close to minimum, unless you have plenty of money and time. For example, try to get into oil refining business, or bank business, or global fastfood industry – you need to have iron nerves and big purse to gain any success there.

The same happens in the Internet. To compete with market visibility (good rankings in the search engines)– you also have to measure competition and be reasonable and get the best value. The only difference is that search engines have specific tools which help professional to measure the competition – in other words, to see if many sites have also started the fight for this specific keywords and how far they advanced in this fight.

It is much better to choose several “reasonable keywords” (with nice search demand and moderate competition), focus link building on these keywords and in a matter of time milk all these keywords for traffic. Targeted traffic – because we are talking about keywords in your niche.

This approach has a serious advantage for those who do are just starting to build traffic to their sites: you will see targeted traffic sooner and money sooner. Then you will be able to reinvest part of your profits into the SEO fight for more difficult keywords. You will gradually evolve to the higher and higher level of success with your online business.

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