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Franchise Management System
3 C's …..(Communication, Communication, Communication) The only keywords leading to satisfied and Growing Business. Communication Between Customers and the Company…. Communication between Internal Customers (Employees) and the Company …… The network of communication Yields Satisfied Customer (Internal and External). Franchises forms the extended family for most of the Business Houses . It has emerged one of the strong channel for promotion of various products and services. The Franchise Model has been crafted to ensure the win win situation for the Franchiser and the Franchise … They are like identical twins favoring each others good work . The End Customer consuming the franchise's goods or services is indebted to Franchiser for the Brand and quality of goods or service he is consuming most of the time , whereas the Franchise plays a key role in managing the Logistics and operations for on time delivery.

Franchise Brief:
The solution is key beneficiary for the Franchiser to maintain the history of the number of Franchise he is managing. The dense network of franchise and their inter co-relation. Whenever we discuss Channel sales, Territory Conflict is the common headache which pops all the time. The simplest way to get out of this should be a brief and concrete terrestrial demarcation between the Franchises.

Having the information related to the Franchise details and their concerned officials at tip of your figure has always been a dream for Franchisers who are handling PAN India network of Franchises cutting geographies, culture, languages and heritages. Franchise Management does help maintain the end to end Franchise details which reflect in smooth functioning.

Identifying and Promotion of the right Franchise is a cumbersome task. In Business scenarios most of the time the Franchise does have multiple Franchises to boost his Profitability. In such scenarios the Franchiser may be at the mercy of the Franchise and would want to retain his customer base. Franchise Management software has a key functionality to address this giving the much needed monitoring on the customer base which might would have otherwise lost to competition.

Tracking of the inventory at the Franchise Level and ensuring the replishment of stocks in time as per the demand is the key success parameter to this industry. The product has been designed to take care of several SKU's as per the line of business. A Sharp eye on the credit history for the Franchise is must to make the business a profitable venture.

Runtime stock visibility or additional customized demands from the customers are now documented and shared with the Franchiser online, giving alerts and popup to the concerned to act and respond to customer query in no mean time. The customer satisfaction index has gone up as customers are now more satisfied in terms of service and have the flexibility to participate in the buying process to ensure their specific need is met on time.

Franchise Management Solution has reports adhering to the inventory status, Franchise Details, Franchise Ranking, Statistical reports of the flow of inventory and customer enquiries. The Demand reports projects the market demand while operational and logistics reports have the trace of goods shipment. Filter settings will help to have advance search approach to arrive at search result quicker.

A Must Go for a Franchiser!!!
When the world is going online Franchise Management Solution offers the online tracking of the Franchise Network and its multi facet branches and the ever growing customer base. The Demand pattern is now clear and delivery time has drastically reduced with efficient systems. Once integrated with POS and other application it can give real-time experience reducing the gap between the Franchiser and Franchise.

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Correspondence Management System is used to track all the letters coming and going out from the organization and make them available to all application users according to there roles and access.
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