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My journey with Yoonla has been pretty surreal. After struggling continuously with other affiliate programs, high ticket products and everything else under the kitchen sink, this finally stuck! Becoming part of this amazing platform and supportive community has really given the confidence and financial boost needed to make in the internet marketing industry. This for me is important and for my team, as this platform gives you no excuse to fail as they pay you for free enrollments into their program.
Yoonla's compensation is currently $2-$4 per Lead you refer to the free membership platform, then if you successfully enroll people to the VIP membership you earn $30 for 1st tier commissions and $20 for 2nd tier commissions.

With becoming a part of Yoonla and acquiring the tools you need to succeed in this industry, the Yoonla platform captures your leads and integrates them with your email marketing system GetResponse. So you are able to promote other business ventures as well as Yoonla and convert more sales. You get paid for the leads you enroll to your business. It's a Win win, so you recover your advertising costs!

I would love to network with those interested in Yoonla, this program is brand new to this industry, its young and its Booming fast! The benefits are amazing, you are able to watch your commissions populate instantaneously to the affiliate dashboard, track where your leads are coming from and where there insteresds are as well as tracking how your promotional methods are doing when you assess the click through rate it's a pretty amazing system they have

Those struggling with their existing businesses would see instant benefits. Compensated for the leads they enroll, even if they don't close on sales; interactive support and success stories of those succeeding with Yoonla, as well as the knowledge that once you meet the commission threshold of just $50, you'll know you will get paid.

If you are a seasoned professional with internet marketing and you generate plenty of traffic to your business already and have plenty of effective promotional methods, you'll be adding a significantly beneficial income stream that not only will help you get a return on your advertisement investments but you'll be seeing a significant increase to your email marketing activities. You'll be able to add your Yoonla leads to your existing business email marketing lists and use that to promote your other opportunities. It's a intermediary platform for those willing to take advantage of being compensated for each Lead you enroll. You'll be also be able to recruit a downline as well, so getting paid for leads, and VIP commissions is a plus. If you have a buyer email list, I would join today and get this set up asap!!

Becoming a VIP member only requires you to go through a 3 step process. The team at Yoonla are giving away their custom set up process (usually $297) for free and Yoonla will set up your integrations for your initial marketing campaign and send you leads as part of the process.

You can Register Free Today and check out their information in detail and training. Feel free to contact me directly via my profile for any further information. Let's Get you guys paid for those leads you work hard for!!!
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