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As I was preparing myself to start this article, like always my mind was going around and around as I had been writing about wrought iron stools. I have explained in one of my previous articles concerning the wrought iron metal, and the qualities of this metal. This article is dedicated to the artisan who makes these beautiful wrought iron stools, and other home décor creations. As we know it takes a lot of knowledge to make one of these bar stools, we also know that it takes someone with an abundance of expertise on how to weld these pieces of art. The quality needs to be one of the best to make sure this furniture will last you for many years to come, after you have purchased a set of these stools.

Let me remind you there are a large variety of motifs, styles, fabrics, bases, and metal finishes for these particular pieces of furniture, and many more options. Quality is very much involved from the beginning of the creation of one piece. Each frame is checked very well, including making sure all sharp edges are filed and polished, reinforcement brackets are installed and welded in all the right places. Swivel mechanisms are installed according to the type of base the costumer has ordered. After the motif is welded according to the customer’s orders, then follows the metal finishing application. This also takes some special preparation, to make sure the metal is prepared the proper way, and again quality is involved in this part of the operation as well.

Quality Department checks the finishing, and then it is sent on to the upholstery department, that is if it does not need to go first to the hand painted department. Materials are then applied following the customer order, and also quality is there to make sure everything is done according to the quality policies that must be followed. As you can see the manufacture of just one of these beautiful pieces of furniture takes some time and very importantly, the quality that is involved in building them takes time and meticulous attention to detail. This is done by expert artisans who are involved from the beginning to the end of the creation of each wrought iron stool, and of the other pieces, to ensure our satisfaction.

Stools are checked to ensure that every quality rule was applied to make sure the product is ready to be shipped to the customer. After all this is done, the stool is finished off with a nice cup foot which has a non-marring glide that is safe for hardwood and tile floors. As you have read, the process of manufacturing stools is a very precise process, and this process is done by expert artisans who know how to put the quality in, which makes them so appealing to the customer’s eyes. The most important aspect is that the quality of the wrought Iron is superb. Most USA companies have a 12 month guaranty for their products.

I do not have any information about foreign companies having this warranty, and besides I believe it would be an ordeal to make sure they honor their warranties, so I will not elaborate in this matter. What I will elaborate on, is the creative and artistic way in which the wrought iron stools are manufactured here. I salute the people that are behind the scenes creating these beautiful Stools. I hope I have been a motivation to you. I trust you realize the amount of time it takes to manufacture these quality pieces of art, and the expertise it takes to do them correctly. My sources are very accurate concerning this matter.

Ladies and gentlemen it is indeed my pleasure to write to you. I always wish to be a source of inspiration to you, to help you make the right decisions when you are in the market to purchase wrought iron stools. And as I constantly have stated in all my articles… “Let me remind you, this is solely the opinion of the writer and as any article you may use as you wish, but the whole intention behind these articles is to help the consumer to make the right decision.”
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