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Reap the rewards with an RF2
Rotech’s RF2 offline overprinting system was designed to present products to a contact-free printer, most commonly an inkjet coder to add a simple code to the pack.

Units of the innovative stack to stack system have so far been supplied to a number of companies in the UK, North America and Mexico and have provided the customer with the following benefits:

- One RF2 has been able to replace three printers on lines that run very slowly, partly because code placement is critical to get right and the conveyor speed cannot be too high. With the printers removed it was possible to increase the line speed by 30%

- A range of crash lock cartons that need a production code adding in the converting plant are being handled quickly and efficiently on a RF2 using a spare printer that was fitted on site.

- A producer of freeze dried foods needed to add a code to the packs but found them to be awkward to mark when they had been filled. An RF2 provided a solution by feeding the packs in front of a printer before they were filled.

- The launch of a new range of dessert products that were packaged in stylish containers required a date code to be added to the unusually shaped sleeves that would slide on by hand. Once again, an RF2 provided the solution, in this case with an Apsolute TIJ printer to make the code.

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