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Itís a Cake Walk for Organizations with Payroll Now!!!!

Payroll: A must need to accelerate in 2010
As a business Owner visibility in the business in terms of human talent has become a key parameter to analyze the business changes. Organizations are accelerating and setting new milestones to advance ahead and be a leading runner in the competition. As a result the Emphasis is strong on ensuring job satisfaction for employees and equally motivate them to be a part of the winning team. The complexity drives deeper for the Management to Identify and nurture the best breed of talent. Streamlining of core Payroll process in the organization today is termed as first critical step in managing the business for the Top Management.

Need to Change:
It is interesting to observe the way business functions have changed drastically in the last decade. Organizations were people dependent. Adhoc Mechanism was core in practice resulting into shunted growth, high attrition rate and unstable organizations. As the paradigm shifted from People to process and system dependent, the shape of business shined with streamlined processes resulting in stable organizations with growth as a prime agenda. This blooming of new orientation has given the Top Management a view to measure and quantify several business parameters with human touch.

Drive on the Highway:
Its now or never, as said by the strategists it seems to be the best time today to drive on the Highway and get ourselves aligned to accelerate . Payroll is one such booster for the organizations to automate its Payroll processes. Hassel Free and quick formula based computation through payroll has made the life easier for business owners giving them the power to focus on their core business.

The Payroll solution is highly scalable adapting to the growing organization demands may it be in terms of adding new employees or rightsizing the human strength. Roles and rights are custom build to meet different demands as per the roles categorized by the management. Tedious calculations related to Attendance, Advances and loans are meticulously designed to accommodate and run the payroll accordingly.
Statutory Compliances at a click of Mouse:
Payroll takes care of all the statutory compliances in terms of all the government body reports and MIS. Submission of reports on time to the government body has improved and saves lot of time for other core activities. It is highly recommended to have all the reports at the click of mouse in the desired formats to present to the authorities sending the message of being a professional organization. Form 16 is readily available for disposal on demand from Employees.

Experience the Easiest way to Run Payroll:
4 Simple steps to run Payroll 1) Approve Leaves 2) Approve Loans 3) Generate Salary 4) Deduct TDS and Payroll is processed!!!

IT Module: A topping on the Payroll
The Computation of Income Tax and registering the same in systems has become easy with Payroll IT Module. Tracking of the Investments of the Employees and their Proof Submission related for Income Tax Computation is much easier now. Based on the checklist of submission of necessary proofs for the Investments and Tax Exemption by employees can be well documented in systems now.

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Manisha Raut is a content writer who specializes in the payroll services industry with a focus on web-based payroll services. Mechsoft as a Software development company offers payroll services.

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