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Economy is Growing … Business are Back to Normal Post Recession Turmoil

Companies are on Hiring Spree … Big, Medium and Small … All companies are looking for the best talent available in the market. Corporations across verticals like Banking, Insurance, IT and ITES, Manufacturing are projecting their human talent for the coming years. Getting the Right Skillset and right human talent has become competitive… The talent acquisition and head hunting are in swing. Recruitment for all positions is in demand and lookout for best pool of talent is the need of an hour. However Identifying the right candidate has become a tedious task due to huge volumes of resumes responding to Walk-Ins, Scheduled Interviews. Managing piles and piles of resumes, scrutinizing them and aligning them with the right interview panels is the critical activity involved in hunting the premium talent. Post Interview scenarios like Evaluation remarks, Selection status like selected, rejected or on hold are must to ensure that this key information is available on time to minimize the selection cycle in future.

Resume Tracker: Brief
End to End Resume Tracking, giving the real time experience of managing the resumes and tracking the progress status. It helps in sending the bulk messages and Interview invitations to the probable and get their reversal on the same. The nutshell flow for the same can be summarized in 5 steps;

1)Getting the resumes ( Through Job Portals, Direct, References, or through Career Page)

2)Bulk /Specific Interview Invitations mails

3)Aligning /Scheduling of Interviews

4)Evaluation of candidates by the Evaluator and registration of the Evaluation Remarks

5)Based on the outcome tagging the resume for future reference

Managing the Roles:
Resume tracker gives the flexibility for managing different organizational roles. May it be HR Executive, HR Manager or the role designated to manage and register the remarks. Role Centric approach helps in streamlining the operations for the designed roles. The application is customizable as per the roles and rights set by the management.

Resume Tracker has reports adhering to the roles designed, like Operations reports, Managerial Reports or the HR related MIS most often demanded by the top Management. Reports related to the analysis scenario of recruited vs. non recruited would be readily available. Filter settings will help to have advance search approach to arrive at search result quicker.

Human Asset
Keeping records for human capital pays in quick recruitment and better candidate evaluation. For Human Resource department managing the resources and maintaining their updated resumes helps in taking care of human asset to its fullest extent.

Boon for Recruitment Agencies:
Resume tracker is becoming the lifeline for recruitment agencies serving companies worldwide. It is the single most integrated solution for these agencies giving them the much needed candidate information with a click of mouse.

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