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Did you know that buildings are going up faster than ever? You heard right… A 30 Storey Skyscraper in China took only 15 days to build in 2011 and a 57 story tower, which was built by the same company, was built only in 15 days. A team of over 200 people in Mohali India built a 10 story building in just under 48 hours, which qualified the feat as the fastest completed building in the country.

This 10 story high-rise takes top spot and is the fastest built building in the world.
The point of the all is that steel buildings are changing the building industry because pre-engineered steel construction is faster and more efficient. With the use of 3D modeling, pre engineered building designing gives you a more exciting and informative experience for both architect and client because 3D printed models are created. A miniature version of the structure of the designed approved via CAD is created and brought to life for the client in a tangible, exciting way. The most effective and most efficient buildings today are pre engineered buildings that are using 3D modeling.
3D animation is changing the pre engineered design-build industry because the strong presentation of a 3D model allows the architect and client smooth communication, which ensures the design is on track and therefore avoids expensive changes once the project is under construction.

The outcome of pre-engineered buildings using 3D animation is that they have a quicker project turnaround time and usually can often be delivered within two months as compared to six to ten months for conventional buildings without the help of 3D modeling.
So what does it take to be experts at building pre-engineered buildings?
United Global Buildings (UGB) is the leading company in custom engineered steel buildings because we are one of a very few providers of metal builders in the world who are using 3D printed models and Building Information Modeling (BIM). We offer full services and we are a Design-Build firm specializing in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. We have supplied over 1,000 buildings to over 50 countries around the world and our client ranges from U.S. and foreign governments to individuals looking to start their dream project. With all our abilities in steel, metal, and nucor manufacturing abilities, and our vast experience in the field, we can deliver exceptional results on-time.
We, at United Global Buildings pride ourselves for having certifications with a number of organizations. Visit our website for the list of certifications at

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